The Beauty Behind The Brains

Thank you for visiting Bella Rose Essentials.  We are excited to cater to all your wellness needs. Bella Rose Essentials specializes in customized design Candles, Room and Car Refreshers, Natural Soaps and Cleaning Products. At Bella Rose Essentials you can request personalized candles for celebrations and special events. 


Bella Rose Essentials aims to create scents that are relaxing ,uplifting and unique.  


Bella Rose Essentials is named after my precious daughter.  My desire to leave behind a legacy for my children and finding a way to deal with stress and anxiety led me to focusing on my mental health and wellness.  As a result, Bella Rose Essentials was created.  Coming soon the “C-Blake Essential” honoring my son will be launching in the near future.

Symond Garvins, CEO